Arduino Mega 2560 + IcomSat Sim900 QUESTION (code)

Hello everyone, I have something really interesting going on here. I want to combine the Arduino Mega 2560 with the IcomSat Sim900. On the manufacturer website (IComSat - ITEAD Wiki) we can see that there is a download section for the GSM shield library, but there are no examples of using it to send data/posts via internet conection. So I have three questions for you:

1- Does the library GSM-GPRS-GPS-Shield works to the ICOMSat Sim900 v.1.1?

2- Do you guys have or know any examples of sending POSTs/Data via internet with it?

3- How do I communicate with the SIM900 to set it up with the appropriate AT commands?

Thank you very much!

You can configure the module for the pins to use for the Serial connection. Unfortunately there are no jumper settings for using the hardware Serials of the Mega, so that you have to use SoftwareSerial, with all known drawbacks and problems. Unless you set a pair of pins from D2 to D6 to input mode, and connect these pins also to another hardware Serial(1-3) pins. Then you can communicate with the module, using that Serial device.

See the AT Command Manual for available commands.