Arduino Mega 2560 PWM Frequencies

Hi Everybody,

I am developing a brushless motor drive, and using Mega 2560 for that For higher RPMs, I need to change the current 500Hz frequency to upper level such as 1, 5 or 32 Khz

The article, "Arduino PWM secrets", only covers PWM changes on Ard. Duamilla, Uno and Diecimillanove showing the manipulations of the TCCRnB registers

But how to make manipulation of the TCCRnB registers on Mega 2560? Does it have same registers, if we thing Mega has 13 PWM pins, it should have extra registers I guess Also Which register controls which pins on mega 2560, and their frequencies?

Could you please help me, I need this information little urgently

Thanks you very much (Grazie Mille)

Murat Gozu Sig. Mech Engineer @ FIAT-TOFAS, Turkey