Arduino Mega 2560 R3 will not enumerate

Help! Been pulling my hair out for 5+ hours on this.

mega 2560 r3 will not enumerate. Will not show hardware ID. On two computers. Installed all the drivers. I tested different cables. I have an UNO, it enumerates fine, it shows the hardware ID. It installs and works perfectly.

Do I have a bad board?

What operating system?

It is possible the ATmega16u2 isn’t programmed.

AT this point I feel like that's exactly what the problem is. But how can I program it if I can't communicate with it?

It's on Windows 7.

I booted into Ubuntu to give it a shot and it didn't work either.

Any thouhts on how I can fix this damn thing?

It looks like a legit board. Says and has all the info printed in it. Got it as part of a RAMPS package from for my 3d printer. It's the last leg of the journey and what should be the last 10 minutes has turned into 7 hours of hell at this point.

To sum up: How do I bootload this thing?

Edit: It's got a soldered chip. Atmel Atmega2560 16AU 1309

raeliean: Any thouhts on how I can fix this thing?

Try following the DFU instructions.

I tried FLIP 3.4.7 and it can't seem to find the device.

I tried programming the 2560 using my uno as an ISP as instructed here

Still no luck.

Device cannot install drivers or enumerate ID's.

Just wanted to wrap up this thread.

The arduino mega 2560 was bad. The retailer shipped me a new replacment and as soon as I plugged it in, it took drivers automatically.

The old one I tried to program using uno as ISP. This would put on the bootloader, but I was unable to upload using the uno as a programmer. It's in my box and maybe I will toy with it later.

Thanks for the responses, it was great learning !