Arduino mega 2560 ramps 1.4 plotter

Hello, I'm tasked with reviving an old plotter, and im down to a point where all thats left is the software.

a while ago i had made a tiny cnc machine from old CD-rom and i uploaded the GRBL with xloader and controlled everything with the grbl controller. however now i upload the .hex file that you can find at github Downloads · grbl/grbl · GitHub


grbl controller:

and now nothing seems to work. i upload the HEX file but the grbl controller does not see it, : ''expecting a GRBL version string''

then i read somwhere that the hex file is previously compiles arduino code., so i've downloaded some codes that were meant for mega 2560 and uploaded them sucssesfuly however the grbl controlles still does not see it. and the lates update on this whole GRBL thing was in 2014. and i cannot find any other gcode interpreters that i could use with my setup

can anyone please help me?
prefferably with running this grbl thing, but if you could suggest any other interpreters to try that,d be great