Arduino Mega 2560 + sensors - software needed

Hello everyone,
I'm totaly new on this forum.

I have the following project.
20 x DS1820 1–WireTM Digital Thermometer( or similiar if better)
4 x water pressure sensor
Arduino( with Lan or WiFi).

Arduino has to check temp/pressure every 5min and send xml(easy construction) file to ftp or email.

2 questions:

  1. Which kind of hardware I would need to reach above?
  2. How much cost it would be to create software then where I would able to upload to next Arduinos myself?


Hello there, do you want it only as XML?
I can do it in client mode with PHP, where i send datas as GET request.
From PHP script i can send e-mail or archive datas to database.
I have experiences with Ethernet shield W5100 or Ethernet module W5500.

It will cost 10€ everything (software).
I will show you how is all system working.
Some referencies (please translate to your language):
If you are interested, please send me e-mail:

hi, email with details has been sent