Arduino mega 2560 serial communication problem

I'm working with Arduino mega 2560 and HC05 Bluetooth module. I'm facing an issue that is I'm not able receive HC05 data to serial monitor. I think there is issue with Tx&Rx(0,1 pin) of board. Bluetooth module working fine with Uno and Nodemcu.

Also Mega pin 0 & 1 working fine as digital pin i/o but not working for serial communication.

And also Now able to upload code to Mega while Rx & Tx pin connected to Bluetooth module without any error, which this is not expected, why any idea?

Anyone have faced this issue, please help?

Pins 0,1 are connected to the USB<>Serial chip, and shouldn’t be used for anything else.

A Mega has three extra unused serial pairs.
Use one of them to connect your BT module to.

There is a Mega multi-serial example in the IDE.

the Rx and Tx pins of HC-05 devices are usually 3.3V - if connected to a 5V mega use a level converster