Arduino Mega 2560 (short 3,3V to GND)


I was working on my project with an Arduino Mega 2560 board.I was doing some stuff on a breadboard and accidently my external power supply (12V) GND wire touched (for about a 0,5 s) a wire, what wasconected to the 3,3V pin on the Mega board. I smelt some burning, luckily I can still program it, but some chips next to the 16MHz oscillator is really hot, and now my 3,3 V pin went up to 3,7 V , the 5 V pin wnt down to 4,3 V. I think it will broke soon :( Is there any way to save my Arduino ?

Replace the 5V (NCP1117ST503TG) and 3.3V (LP2985-DBVR) regulators.
Perhaps the T1 autoswitch MOSFET (FDN340P) as well.