Arduino Mega 2560 + SSD1963 TFT Problem: the screen will light up, but the touch

When using a tandem Arduino Mega 2560 + TFT SSD1963 TouchScreen, I've got a problem.
Using a library UTFT + UTouch.
During program execution, sometimes the screen lights up white. In this case, the controller and the touchscreen is fully functional, if you click on the place where the buttons were located, execute the appropriate action.
In the future, only helps reset by turning off the power.
Arduino boards used two different manufacturers and two screens, so the excluded hardware defect.
Help advise what could be the reason?

Pictures of my problems:

The symptoms seem to be that of the SSD1963 chip being miscofigured and stopped
from refreshing the display - the pixels then fade to white as the charge on each pixel's
electrode dissipates (usually takes several seconds).

This could be a hardware or a software issue - these chips have a lot of registers that
control all aspects of driving TFT displays and need to be initialised correctly for the
actual display and power sequenced, then left correctly configured during graphics
operation. Perhaps one of the signal lines is intermittent? Perhaps there's a software
issue (bug in the library, RAM running out, something else talking to the display pins?)

Once the chip is initialised and set up it should just sit there refreshing the display from
the on-chip framebuffer and accept graphics commands that alter the framebuffer contents.

If a command gets corrupted then any of the chip's registers might be being corrupted and
this could easily upset the refresh operation in some way.

Of course if its hardware it could be the display or the Arduino or the connections between
them (or noise on the power supply).

A bit of detective work may be needed to try and narrow down the possibilities...