Arduino Mega 2560 to? Whats the best out now? Is it also code compatible?

Okay, so, the MEGA 2560 has been out for a while and I am sure there is something new on the horizon but here is the catch. I am doing a reef controller and there is a LOT of support for the 2560. I would like to step it up to something with more memory as I plan to do a LOT of coding and speed is always a plus along with a touch screen. So, with that in mind, what has (if anything) the equivalent connections as the 2560 (or capable connections) and uses the same coding? It has to use the same coding as I am not a programmer nor really have the time, but, I can use snippets and adjust them as needed. There would be no way for me to learn new coding unless a 2 year old could understand it, lol.

Are there any microcontroller's that fit that bill or do I just stay with the 2560?

I have done some research and found what is called a "seeeduino" board. Looks about the same but has 25 more in/outs? I have not had time to read the datasheet but I know it has 25 more pins of something, lol.

Yes, it looks like the Seeduino Mega is compatible with Arduino shields and adds a number of I/O pins.

Hi, your my first contact here and you went easy on me, thanks, lol.

Okay, finally had time to take a look at the boards. It seems the seeeduino is still limited by the 2560 chip, though it has more pins. I noticed the Due has a smoking (compared to the 2560) clock at 84mhz and 512k memory. Now that would be more in line to what I am looking for, but, will the MEGA code transfer to the DUE platform or does the 32bit kill that deal?

I would take the speed and memory over the pins, given the choice.

Most of the Arduino-standard functions and libraries should work on the Due but any third-party library that uses direct register access will likely not compile. Since you will need to download Arduino 1.5.x to work with the Due anyway, why not download it and see if it will compile your existing code?

A little new to this, so, sorry if i sound a little retarded, but, I do not have a board yet and I am still looking for my first piece of code.

My first objective is to get a water proof temp probe working, say, target temp of 80 degrees, variable +/- 1.5 with a on/off delay of "x" seconds. Once I get the hardware and general coding for that, I could try my luck at compiling, as soon as I figure how to compile. Been looking at the beginnings of compiling but been buried in the temp issue more so than anything else.

After that, it will be timed on/off 110V sources for the most part and a PWM structured LED system.

I guess I could just grab some code and see what compiles???? I dont need a board to do that, correct?