Arduino Mega 2560 Very Hot

Hi guys,

I've been using this Arduino mega for weeks, connecting it to near enough the same circuit every time i've used it with no issues but now as soon as it is powered by USB from a PC, the component labelled T16.000 gets extremely hot within seconds.

Is this Arduino dead?

Anyone seen this happen before or know how it could have happened?

Which component on the board is hot? If ATmega MCU then it is damaged chip with high probability. EDIT: T16.000? Try the voltage regulator (next to barrel jack for power). It could be damaged power regulator but also high power voltage and high current draw. Do you have connected something to the board? Disconnect everything first and try again.

It is the relatively large silver component labelled T16.000, i believe its the crystal oscillator/resonator?

No idea how its happened!

Yes, it is crystal but it could take a hot from the part which is close of it.

Ah, the crystal its self was hot enough to actually burn my finger, no parts near it were smoking or look like they have been hot and I don't fancy poking around with my finger again

Without more info, in my opinion the only way for that crystal to get hot is for the USB/Serial chip to have gone bad, as that is what is connected to it. Is the board still talking to the PC? Try the Loopback test. If not, then the Atmega8U2 that interfaces with the PC is likely shot (and may also be hot).

If the 2560 is also hot, that's a good sign that something like 12V was applied where it wasn't supposed to have been.

I was able to upload new code to the board since the problem began. I just powered it up again and stupidly got my second burn of the day, the little black chip next to the crystal is in fact hot enough to make a thumb smoke on contact. Guess i'm getting a new board!

Aha, then the USB/serial chip is bad as CrossRoads wrote. Will be better to get a new board.

Is this down to user error on my behalf or do these go by themselves?