Arduino MEGA 2560 with Neo 6/7 GPS GPRS and SD GPS Tracker build

Hallo, I am new to the forum and also to Arduino.
I would like to build a GPS tracker.
I have some hardware and code samples.

MEGA 2560 , Waveshare NEO 6M/7M GPS , SIM900 GPRS and SD breakout.

I need help on sorting through the code and connections.
Anybody willing to help ?

I would like to build a GPS tracker.

So, go ahead.

I need help on sorting through the code

For which you have defined NO requirements.

and connections.

For hardware that you have NOT posted links to.

Forget it.

Sorry about that .
I wanted to see if anybody would be interested before I start uploading anything.
I had an incident where property of mine relocated without my consent.

I need a GPS device that I can SMS and it does the following:
GPS wakes up/Gets a good fix/ Save good fix on SD/ Sends me last good fix via sms/wait 30 minutes/go to sleep again.
I have a Mega 2560

Sim900 GPRS

Nondescript SD breakout board ( )

Neo 6M 7M GPS. (

The code I have been looking at: ( Track ME - Arduino Project Hub )
Please let me know what you need to see.
Thank you again

Take a look at NeoGPS for the NMEA parsing. See the example NMEASDlog.ino that can help you get started with the logging part.

Since you have a Mega, be sure to use the HardwareSerial ports Serial1, Serial2 or Serial3 for the GPS and GSM. Don't use a software serial library.

Thank you for your time .
I will have a look and get back to you on this.
Thanks again...