Arduino mega 2560 + Xbee2 + Xbee Shield

Ok so I have been beating my head against a wall with this for about three days now and I have no idea what is going on. I am trying to get two identical arduino boards to communicate with each other via xbee. I have two arduino mega 2560 boards, two xbee series 2 chips and two xbee shields. I followed the simple instructions on the arduino website to send a H and L to activate the LED on the other board and no dice. According to my serial monitor I am sending the H and L, and if I plug in the other board, if I receive an H the LED should turn on (and off with an L). According to the webpage ( I shouldn't need any configuration settings, but I believe this only applies if we are using the series 1 model of the xbee. As of right now though, nothing is happening. I am not even sure if the signals are being sent over xbee nor do I know how to test this. Any ideas?

The XBee shield from Libelium has LEDs that flash when serial data has been read/written. Are you seeing those flash, on either end?

According to the webpage ( I shouldn’t need any configuration settings, but I believe this only applies if we are using the series 1 model of the xbee.

It doesn’t apply to either series. There is a link to instructions on that page for configuring the series 2 XBees. Did you follow that link and those instructions?

The link is dead; 404 not found. And I didn't see the LED blinking. I copied and pasted the code to the 'T' did they miss any steps that were meant to be an assumption?

i have some trouble sometimes as well (i've got 12 xbee's lieing around); just configure one as the ZNET AT coordinator. Leave that one on. THen configure another for ZNET router/end dev.; then just pop up two terminals and start talking.

What do I use to configure them?

The best intro I've seen on how to set up and use a Series 2 xBee is in this book:

I highly recommend it (also available in electronic form from Amazon or directly from O'Reilly).

To really begin to understand these little devices you will need to get an adapter to hook the XBee into your computer. I use the sparkfun device, but there are a lot out there that will do the job. Once you get one of those, download the X-CTU program from digi and things will start to make sense.

There are about a million things that can go wrong and only a half-million or so are covered by the various tutorials out there. So, get something that will let you see what is actually happening.

It's possible (and actually it works pretty well) to use an arduino board to hook into your computer. However, that ties up an arduino that could be used for other stuff more effectively.