Arduino Mega 2560

Hello ! I wanted to buy an Arduino board and now I have a question:

How many lamps can I connect to an arduino mega 2560 ?

Can I really connect 54 lamps with an arduino ?

And another question is...

How many volts can I use for the board (max.) ? Over 10 Volt or is it to high voltage ?

Well....I will happy when i get a good answer !

(sry my english isn' t so good)

Above you can see that, the max voltage is 20V, recommended max is 12V, but you can use relays to control higher voltages and lamps. You can [u]control[/u] 54 pins. That means you can connect 1 or 10 lamps on 1 pin and turn them on and off simultaneously (in the same time).

in a glance, if you become more specific about those lamps maybe i can help you further.

Thank you for your answer !!!

When I need help I will ask you ;)

Why did you create a poll?

Max I/O per pin is 40mA. Total max current of the Mega2560 is around 200mA. So it depends on how much current your devices draw. Generally you'll need a transistor connected to the I/O pin to drive a load.

Ouhh ! Sorry ! I am new here and I didn't know how to do a quote ;D

Thank you ! I will show how much mA I need !