Arduino mega 2560communication issues. upload -> timeout

Hi, I tried everything I found on the net but still stuck so I need your knowledge. When I try to upload a sketch the upload is verry long and finished with the error timeout contacting programmer. The Rx blink maybe one or two, but not more. When i try to communicate with the sketch that's supposed to be in place (before the issue) it doesn't work... I have to say that when plugged in the pc, it imediatly recognized as an arduino mega 2560 in com# I tried to uninstal reinstal drivers... nothing changed.

I have an arduino mega 2560 labelled R3 but with the atmega8u2.... so strange according to what I read... I tried to rewrite different versions of the atmega8u2 firmware "Arduino-usbserial-mega.hex" with flip...nothing changed.

No I hope somebody have other ideas... Thanks a lot for any help you can bring!

So it won't upload a simple sketch like Blink?

Try holding down the Reset button until you see the "Binary sketch size:" message.

Have you tried re-burning the bootloader? That requires an ISP device. I'd get a USBasp from eBay. They cost less than $4.

hi, thanks for your help! nope...Simple blink doesn't upload I actually tried to reburn the bootloader. But i guess i have done something wrong cause it didn't worked. I used an arduino leonardo as isp, maybe there is something different with this board... I uploaded the isp sketch on the leonardo, and wire the isp pin to the isp pin of the mega2560, except number 5 instead i wired the d10 of leonardo to rst of the arduino.

Try the sketch and instructions here: