Arduino Mega 265 and Overo WaterSTORM//Summit

Hi everyone, I am thinking of using Overo WaterSTORM//Summit as high-level controller and Arduino Mega 265 as low-level controller but am having doubts about whether the 5V pin on Mega is sufficient to power the Overo.

From Gumstix, Summit can take in 3.5V to 5V which the 5V pin can supply without problem.

Originally Summit is powered up from a wall plug adapter that outputs 5V, 1200mA.

Based on this information, would it be ok to power Overo WaterSTORM//Summit from the 5V pin on Arduino Mega 265?

The 5V output is not for powering external equipment.

A few sensors drawing less than 100 mA in total, perhaps.

Thanks for the info Paul