Arduino Mega + 8266 Huzzah or ESP1 to Firebase

What I am trying to do: Send data from multiple analog sensors on my Mega to Firebase via Wifi.

Where I am right now:

  • I have been able to configure my 8266 Huzzah and an ESP1 (I tried both) via FTDI cable.

  • I understand how to use the Analog sketch to capture data on the Mega.

  • I uploaded a simple sketch including Firebase library to the Huzzah and it began sending a signal from the single analog sensor on the Huzzah.

I feel like I have the pieces to the puzzle but have been banging my head against the wall trying to assemble them.

My questions:

  • Does the Firebase library work with the Mega?
  • Do I upload a single sketch that uses multiple analog sensors and calls for the firebase and 8266 libraries all onto the Mega?
  • Do I upload everything to the 8266 Huzzah and simply use the multitude of analog ports on the Mega to capture and relay data to Firebase through the 8266?
  • Do I put some code on the Mega and some code on the Huzzah?

For example does the Analog sketch go on the Mega and the Firebase/ 8266 libraries live on the 8266?

I can work through configurations but just need help understanding what code goes where and if I am missing something huge here.

I appreciate this community and prefer suggestions and solutions for the components I have listed. Please don’t just tell me to use a Yun. It’s very expensive, has half as many analog inputs and I’d rather not switch out hardware I have already invested in. Thanks in advance.

Hi bizmike,

I am in same situation. I searched a lot and did not find a solution to my problem. I have a college project with a following scenario:

ATMega2560 (With ESP826601) + Firebase

I chose this context because my project needs to use many ATMEGA ports. I was able to establish a connection to the base Firebase in an unusual way, LoL:

Esp8266-01 sending GET request to PHP backend, that receive the parameters of request and send imediatly to Firebase through Kreait library. At first it worked. But I can not send data from Firebase to ATMEGA.

I tried to use the library Firebase.arduino.h, but not compile to ATMEGA.

A friend use a NodeMCU (ESP8266 integraded) and work fine with Firebase.arduino.h

I would like to know if you succeed to solve this problem, I am lost :expressionless: and need a way.

Thank you very much in advance. :slight_smile:

sir do you have source code?