Arduino Mega ADK (ATMEGA2560):Disable charging of Phone?

Hi all,

I’m using the Arduino Mega ADK together with a Android 4.0 phone.

Is there any way to disable charging of the phone battery through the board once it is connected? I’m using this setup in a weight-sensitive project, so obviously I want to minimize the battery weight carried by the platform.

Many thanks all the best,

Hi all,

the only solution which I found so far (after a lot of googling) was to put a resistor into the V+ (red) cable of the USB cable. Apparently this will still enable USB communication but limit the current drawn through charging. From what I read this does not seem to be a very reliable solution, since it seems to depend on the charging state of the battery of the mobile phone. I'll buy a variable resistor and further investigate this. If anyone has a better idea than to use this workaround, I'd be very happy to hear it.

Many thanks and all the best, Michael