Arduino Mega ADK (ATmega2560): properly disconnect servo?

Hi all,

I have connected the signal line of a servo to both my Arduino Mega ADK board and my RC model receiver. The aim is to control the servo both by moving the sticks on my radio and through the Arduino Mega ADK board.

Until I call the servo.attach(pin) method, I can control the servo through my radio just fine. Once I call the servo.attach(pin) method the board controls the servo. This works fine and as intended.

However, I did not find a way to give back control of the servo to the radio. I tried to call the servo.detach() method, but this did not help. Only when I reset the board, I can control the servo through the radio again.

Does anyone know how I can properly detach the servo so that I can again control it through my radio, without the need to reset the board?

Many thanks and all the best, Michael

Anyone, please? :-/

hi, i have exactly the same problem. I've tried a transistor (ctbc 639-16)connecting a base to a pin which gives digital HIGH/LOW signal, collector to arduino PWM pin and emitter to a servo signal wire. Detaching servo works fine and i can control it through RC but when coming back to Arduino PWM pin control the servo goes crazy... not sure what i have done wrong..