Arduino Mega ADK R3 - Microbridge - ADB connection - SHELL NOT OPEN problem

Dear Everyone,
I am trying to establish a connection through adb between my android phone (galaxy s3) and my arduino mega adk board.
The library downloaded from the microbridge website gave me problems with the error "OSCOKIRQ failed to assert" after ADB::init(); in the setup() function of the shell example. Using the microbridge library from the following link:

fixed the problem. Now I have another problem and is related with the fact that when I open the serial monitor and try to send some commad as "ls" it tells me "shell not open". The problem I think is with the configuration of the max files. I tried to print the shell->status and give me 1. I think it should be 2 to be open right?

BTW: I am using arduino 1.0.5.

How can I fix the problem?


Update: tried also with arduino 1.5.6 r2, but the problem persist.

Really need help please :slight_smile:

update: I tried to connect the mega adk with an HTC S710e and it actually works well. So why it does not work on the galaxe S3? configuration problems?


update: SOLVED :slight_smile:

just download this version of the adb library

follow the instructions and voila :). Works perfectly!!!!!!

Hope this thread is useful to someone even though no-one answered :slight_smile:


the program actually worked with the HTC because it had a version of Android that does not require RSA authentication. On the galaxy S3 however, the android version is >4.2 and so, an RSA authentication is required. The library that you download from the link above have the authentication process implemented. So now, when you plug the S3 to the arduino mega adk board, you need to press ok on display when android prompt the authentication authorization to talk with the arduino board.

That is all...I jast wanted to share my findigs :slight_smile:

Thread closed (?) :slight_smile: