Arduino Mega (ADK) R3 - problem with sketch bigger than 29330 bytes

I write a sketch for Arduino Uno… after I put some menu and submenus, size is bigger, memory is low, etc and I move the project on Arduino Mega ADK R3, but if sketch is bigger than 29330 (I test with 29350 bytes) Arduino IDE “stay” minutes… after I disconect usb cable I see error: timout…
I try 1.0.1, 1.0.3, 1.04, 1.0.5, 1.6.2 version of Arduino Ide, on diferrent computer, with Win XP, win 7…

I study again and again the sketch and I think problem is with display part of new menu…
do {
u8g.drawStr( 0, 10, “SETTING…”);
u8g.drawStr( 80, 30, “none !!!”);
} while( u8g.nextPage() );


sorry for delay... I tested with original Arduino Mega ADK R3 and work just if remove !!!, if I try with a clone MEGA2560 with CH340 interface work without problems :o