Arduino Mega ADK + SSC-32 Major Servo Bugs

Okay, so I've been working on a large biped for quite some time now, and have been having the same continuous problems. I'm using a Mega ADK with the Tx line connected to the Rx on the SSC-32. Both boards are being powered with a 9v battery. All connections are insulated and I highly doubt EMI or Shorts are happening. The problem is, if the voltage for the Servos are powered on before the Logic, all of the servos swing wildly, in a very dangerous and quick manner (the robot once leapt a good half foot in the air). This only happens if the VL is disconnected, or if the VL is never turned on in the first

The second problem is that i set all the servos to 1500, the robot works fine, then I power him on a day later, set all servos to 1500, and he is in a totally different position. The SSC-32 is relaying pulses differently or something...

I've pulled apart my wiring harness at least four times and triple checked everything... the servos aren't cheap either, 12 x HS-5645MG, i don't understand what is happening please help.

I hope you are not trying to power the servos with the small 9v batterys.

No the servos are being powered with a separate VS power brick, it’s a rechargeable 6.0 Volt Ni-MH 1600mAh Battery Pack.

I also have the The Rx line-in on the SSC-32 connected to the Arduino's Tx Line-out. The Micro-controller sends data through the line to the Servo Controller.

I hate to be that guy, but bump?

I've had an ssc-32 for several years and don't remember the connected servos ever jumping due to the ssc-32 being powered up.