Arduino Mega ADK: Use of Pin 7?

Hey everyone, I was hoping that someone could provide me with some clarification as to whether this refers to PWM pin 7.

Under the Input and Output section of the page for the Arduino Mega ADK it reads:

USB Host: MAX3421E. The MAX3421E comunicate with Arduino with the SPI bus. So it uses the following pins:
Digital: 7 (RST), 50 (MISO), 51 (MOSI), 52 (SCK).
NB:Please do not use Digital pin 7 as input or output because is used in the comunication with MAX3421E

I've been looking through the schematic and I guess I'm just not seeing where the RST on the MAX3421E is connected to in terms of any header pins on the board.

It's there. Check the attached image.