Arduino (MEGA) and Bluegiga BLE112

Hi All, i've been trying to interface my Arduino Mega and a bluetooth module BLE112 via UART. Jeff Rowberg has already written the entire library for interfacing the 2 and has even given sample code on how to use them. I have tried this for many many hours with little to no avail. I have the TX/RX pins connected, every ground grounded, and every power line powered. The code will run, and the menu will come up. After I send it a command, nothing occurs. It will give me a line of text saying the command was sent, but I receive no response from the module. I have used both firmwares as well. Any advice for moving forward will be greatly appreciated i've been stuck with this for weeks. Thanks -Joseph A. Sarni

On a Mega you should connect the module to one of the free Serial devices, e.g RX1/TX1 for Serial1. This leaves Serial available for debug messages.

Most probably you have to configure the module first, in setup(), so that it can communicate with some other BT device. Don’t expect any response from the module on sending commands.

What’s your other BT device, to which your module will talk? You must enable it to communicate with your device as well.

The other device is a fully functional bluetooth receiver. It has data on voltage readings and things and I just have to retrieve the data from the gatt profile. Bluegiga uses it's own protocol of commands, indications, and events. When a command is sent to the transceiver, it will respond with an event sent via uart to the arduino.