Arduino mega and enc28j60

enc28j60 and arduino mega don’t working plase tell me what is mac address and connect wires.

You have to use the SPI bus of the Mega. Perhaps this is useful : The ENC28J60 doesn't have a mac address. In the sketch it is given an mac address and that can be anything.

Peter_n: Perhaps this is useful :

Very interesting, but is that really kosher for the power? The 3.3v pin on Mega is good for 50mA, but I would have thought the ENC would need a lot more than that.

Oops! only 50mA. The W5100 and the ENC28J60 eat away a lot current, maybe 200mA or so. That is probably why the official Ethernet Shield has its own 3.3V voltage regulator.

RS_Erag, You can try it with the Mega 3.3V pin. I think it will work. But you probably gonna need a seperate 3.3V voltage regulator. If you can not keep your finger on the 3.3V voltage regulator on the Mega board, then it is too hot. It is the tiny smd component with 3 pins on one side and 2 pins on the other side.

Peter_n: Oops! only 50mA. need a seperate 3.3V voltage regulator.

I think that might be right. I have seen a number of articles now where they run the ENC off the 3.3v pin and I don't think they know what they are doing. I recognise that there are some procedural difference from the W5100, but I think the casual approach to the power issues might go quite some way to explain the grief people have with the ENC28J60.

I have been sitting on one for a couple of years and now I have the need. I think a 3,3v regulator board can go on a Mega shield

Some try to run a ENC28J60 from the 3.3V output of a counterfeit FTDI chip of an Arduino Nano ! (I wanted to add an emoticon, but all of them are appropriate here).