Hello I have one arduino mega and esp8266 wifi module. I want to enter the password of the wifi module from the phone application. I could not find a library for the Arduino mega. Can you help me with this? First I don't work with wifi


What is this "password"? Is it the wifi password the ESP going to use?
Actually, let's take a step back.

  1. Can you describe what are you trying to do in as much details as possible?
  2. Do you have any code you've done? If you do, post it here, we can work from there.

Well, the ESP8266 can operate as an access point, meaning you can log into it. I think software for that is quite common. With that, you can either just log in, or log in and change passwords. Two versions, one runs only on the ESP, the other runs an Arduino with an ESP such as you have. In your case, the usual method of communication between them is serial ESP AT commands.