Arduino Mega and Firmata

Hi there, does anybody there have experience with Arduino Mega and Firmata. I´trying to connect flash with my arduino mega by firmata. The communication between the applications works with the help of a server (serproxy). When I upload the firmata on my board, there are no error messages. But also I can´t control the digitalOutputs of the Board. Is there any version of firmata for Arduino Mega? For any suggestions thanksn in anticipation Cheers, Kadri

Support for Arduino Mega exists in the latest development versions of Firmata. You can get it from Firmata's svn, or you can download a copy here (including some new features not even in svn yet)

Please contact me, paul at pjrc dot com, or send a message to the Firmata mail list if you give this new code a try.

Ultimately AS3 Glue needs to be updated to support Arduino Mega in Flash. That won't happen until this new Firmata gets released, and a release likely won't happen until more people have tried it and provided feedback.