Arduino Mega and IPv6

Not too long a go I managed to get my IPv6 tunnel back up and just now I Googled about if Arduino's can handle IPv6.

From what I've read, my current ethernet shield that has the W5100 is incompatible, while ENC28J60 based ethernetshields are compatible. But, again from what I've read, the IPv6 library doesn't seem to work properly with Mega's and I've also read that ENC28J60 based ethernetshields need rewiring to get it to work on a Mega 2560.

Is the info I found outdated and are there solutions for Mega's that work out of the box?
And what about wifi, are there wifishields that support IPv6 (and maybe 5GHz)?

The enc28j60 chip can handle ipv6. In fact - it doesn't care at all about ip, all it sees and cares about is the mac-address.
It's the software that has to deal with ipv6 in this case.

The lilbrary I've written for enc28j60 (GitHub - ntruchsess/arduino_uip: UIPEthernet: A plugin-replacement of the stock Arduino Ethernet library for ENC28J60 shields and breakout boards. Full support for persistent (streaming) TCP-connections and UDP (Client and Server each), ARP, ICMP, DHCP and DNS. Build around Adam Dunkels uIP Stack. Further developed version can be found on wrapps the ┬ÁIP-stack of Adam Dunkels, which is ipv6 enabled (I've never tried though, but it's there in the code).
My library is not (yet), but I'd love to implement that. Shouldn't be to hard, as all it requires would be a ipv6-capable IPAddress-object and minor changes to the methods that get in touch with it.

Would you be willing to test as I don't have any hands on experience with ipv6 and all my infrastructure still is ipv4 only, so I'd implement this as I think it should work?

  • Norbert

Well, for a test I first need an enc28j60 based shield (haven't got one), but haven't found one that works out of the box on a Mega 2560. Plus, not sure if it matters, my current IPv6 setup has no DHCPv6 or radvd (not available for IPFire), so a static config is required.

I use a ENC28J60-board that is not a shield, but connects by jumper-cables like this: Tutorial: Arduino Mega 2560 mit enc28j60 Ethernetadapter nutzen | Works flawlessly (but does'nt look apealing as a real shield does).
I have seen some real 'shields' that plug in an Arduino, but I cannot recommend a specific one for Mega, as I do not own any. You'd have to find one that comes with the ICSP-connector to work with the mega, as the SPI-pins would'nt connect otherwise (The IE-board from iteadstudio for example does not have this 6-pin connector, so from my understanding it's not suitable for mega:

I think all the static stuff I can easily test myself by using a direct cable connection and configure an ipv6-address to this interface. You may wish to watch my repository on github, so you will notice as soon ipv6-branch shows up...