Arduino mega and multiple esp32 wifi control

Is it possible to control 6 esp32 chips with arduino mega over the wifi?

Yes, if you can connect the Mega to your network

this is the one i got my wish would be to have a wifi connection going like this

raspberry (main network "source") ->arduino mega (processing and dividing for the rest) -> 6 eps32

is it possible?

why Mega?
this is too complicated, because it is PI + ATmega + esp8266 + esp32
remove the Mega+WiFi board. let PI communicate with the 6 esp32

On the RPi run MQTT Broker. On the ESP32's run pubsubclient. Now you can have di directional comms.

Why would you want a Mega controlling ESP32's?

I currently have 9 ESP32's doing the bi-directional communications thing with my RPi4.

I use a Python program running on the RPi to control the ESP32's. The ESP32's send sensor readings to the RPi, the RPi makes decisions and sends coms back to the ESP32's. One of the ESP32's even sends images to the RPi for display on a web site.

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