Arduino Mega Attiny Programming Shield - In development

Hello all, I decided to share this project with you, perhaps some of you are interested in it, and I may sell it as a cheap kit, I am not sure, it depends if there is interest. Maybe I should make a kickstarter or whatever for this? I really don't know what the interest level would be.

I have designed a simple programming shield for the Attiny 85v and 84 for the Arduino Mega, because the Attiny is a nice, cheap Arduino substitute for simple projects. The Shield has sockets for the chips, and header pins to connect bread boarding wires.

It's designed to eliminate all (but one) of the wires that you normally need to program an Attiny. It just plugs into the DIL socket of the mega at the ground pins, and has one wire leading to 5v.

Here are pictures of the eagle schematic/board, and a previous version I made with a mistake on it. I will be ordered the (hopefully) corrected ones soon from OSH park.

So, let me knows what you guys think and if you would be interested in this as some sort of cheap kit.