Arduino mega based car parking ticket machine

Hello and Merry Christmas to everyone here.

Some time ago I spent quite a lot of time working on one arduino based school project and only recently had time to film it. As my post title says - it's a car parking ticket machine in custom made and painted wooden box. Basically you can pay by coins or RFID "client cards". Also possible to check card balance or top up card and acess system config menu. At the end you receive paper ticket with data and barcode to put in your car under windshield. Machine also saves all transactions logs to SD card.

Maybe someone may find it useful or interesting. :slight_smile:
Now I can dismantle my project with ease and reuse all components in other projects.

Check out my project here on youtube:

Youtube video link

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Since you got help from this forum in completing your project, it would be nice to give some details such as the code, schematic and the hardware used.
It might help someone who is doing the same project or something similar.
Just a thought.