Arduino Mega BT need help!!!

Hello, Ive developed a mega board with bluetooth (iil be populating it today) and now want to create a firmware that basically emulates the arduino BT firmware with its ability to upload a sketchs via BT but of course using the Mega (1280)

1)Could someone be so kind as to outline the steps to making your own firmware.

2) Give me some direction on how to make a firmware similiar to the Arduino BT.. ie what we needs to be changed in the MEGA base firmware.

3) Is it possible to add your own BOARD type to the arduino IDE. I tried modifying the boards file in the hardware folder but i kept getting two extra blank spaces in the drop down list when i just copied and pasted in a copy and renamed an exisitng one.

Perhaps im in over my head here.. lol

Thanks in advance for your time.

P.s. if i get the firmware to work ill post it on here for others to use.


additional info…

The bluegiga wt11 is hooked to the megas Uart 0 Tx/rx emulating the arduino bt setup with the exceptioon of a different io pin for the BT reset.

ok my board is populated.. ive uploaded a sample sketch to the mega via usbtinyisp...

got the thing to blink and LED

Now I desperatly need help.. i need to modify the Mega bootloader code to include the initliaization that the arduino bt does.

Since no ones has replied.. would some one point me to a tutorial on how to compile a bootloader .hex using windows. I have searched the web and its alot to try and sort through so im bit lost.

I think once i get past this step ill be able to mod the current mega hex and get this going.

Thanks in advance! Ken


I can help, I have done a lot of boot loader work. What do you need to do to init.

There is a C source file and a make file in the bootloaders directory. Modify the file and type "make mega", then do a "burn bootloader" You have to have an ISP programmer.

If you need more details, send me a PM


Mark, Ive sent you a private IM.. if you dont get it please post back.. Im so appreciative of the help!

Thanks Ken