Arduino Mega communicating with Flash

I'm trying to communicate between my Arduino Mega and Flash CS3.

Files/Programs I'm Using: Arduino 0018 Firmata 2.1beta7 StandardFirmata serproxy 0.1.3-3.bin.win32 Kasper Kamperman's flash_arduino .fla

Arduino 0018 Compiles and uploads the StandardFirmata 2.1beta7 to the board successfully.

My serproxy settings are as follows:


Comm ports used


Default settings

comm_baud=57600 comm_databits=8 comm_stopbits=1 comm_parity=none

Idle time out in seconds


Port 3 settings (ttyS0)


After starting up serproxy and running the "test movie" I get a message: Thread started in the serproxy cmd line, in the flash output box I read: Connecting to and Connection established.

What I see on the Arduino board is the Rx light blinking but nothing inputs or outputs as it should.

Hi there,

i have the same problem! Did you found a solution? Thanks for an answer! Cheers, Kadri