Arduino Mega digital pins output 1.07 volt !

Hey there,

I was developing an Arduino code for controlling several DC motors, which is an easy task.

However, the code didn't work ! For the first moments, I thought I have a logical error and I started to recorrect my code; but afterwards, I realized that all digital pins of Arduino Mega I have don't work !!!

I think the code is as simple as (I mean I erased the old code and downloaded this code for troubleshooting) :

void setup()
   digitalWrite(30, HIGH);

void loop()

This code doesn't work, and 1.07 volts appears across the pin 30 and the ground.
I thought maybe this is burned pin, instead, I should use another pin, I used pin 36; the same output appeared.

Ok, maybe this is a complete broken port, I should use pin number 40, the same result !!

The PWM pins work with no problem.

I don't understand anything, and I cannot find the problem !!

Any help, please ?

ok the problem was in

pinMode(30, OUTPUT);

small things make big problems. Thanx anyway.