Arduino Mega & EasyVR

Hi friends:
My working enviroment is HP Notebook with Win 7 / 32 bits, 1 Arduino Mega 2560, all libraries in place.
I have installed an EasyVR Module from Veear to my Arduino, also I have placed the EasyVR library cames with the product, in order to get basic voice recognition into my robot project.
But I am dealing for a week with a conection problem. I have connected the VR module as indicated in the EasyVR manual version 3.2.
In the IDE environment, the EasyBridge reports “Bridge not started” and TestEasyVR reports “EasyVR not detected”.
In other way, the Easy Commander program reports “Could not find device on ComPort YY”.
Maybe some of you have previous experience with EasyVR Module and you have solved this issue in some way I can’t see.
Any help will be appreciate.
Thanks in advance


seeing the same issue here on Linux, EasyVR and Arduino Shield

Did you ever get any resolution to this issue?