Arduino Mega & Ethernet+SD Shield Problems


I'm trying to work with an Arduino Mega and an Ethernet+SD shield, but I'm having some troubles. I'm going to write them all here so in case someone could help me about.

  • After doing several writings, I can't read anything from my microsd card. It's like it would be dead. I'm going to try to read it by an adapter. Is there someone with the same problem?

  • Another one, I make a program with a web server which makes some measurements and write one by one in a file, so a client could read these values from a browser. But when I'm trying to write to a file continously, I mean: I opened a file, write on it, close it, and after a while, I repeat the operation. I want it adds lines, one after one. But even using the example, I could make it right. It always overwrite the file and only shows the last measurements done. How can I solve this?

  • The last one, I was trying to did the measurement with A0 and A1 pines, but I was surprise that in Ethernet+SD shield this pins are at high value (5V), instead of low, so I couldn't do any measurements. How can this be possible??

Any answer you have, please don't hesitate to post it.


What ethernet shield are you using? There are a few types available. robsmallshire did a webpage with most of the ethernet shields.

Thanks SurferTim. It's an Ethernet Shield 05. The first and third question are solved!!

The first formatting microSD again. And the third because those pins are used to microSD adapter.

But the second one, I'm still trying to solve it, I think it might be because of the type I'm using for files (SDfile instead of file), but I don't know why.


The second question requires more info. Maybe if you post your code, someone may see the problem.

You might want to post that question with the code in the "Storage" section of the forum. You will probably get more help with that question there.

Ok, thanks!!

I'll try it on that way!!