Arduino mega+ethernet shield+TL-WR702N router

I am doing a project in which we need to send the analog input values on arduino to web server via ethernet shield + WR702N router. I have problems connecting the router to the ethernet shield. Can you please help in this regard?

If you have already got the equipment you describe, I don't think you've got what you think you've got. In essence, you are one RJ socket short.

If you want to use the WR702N as a router it will be a wireless-only router i.e. it is cable connected to the modem and all devices communicating with can only do so by WiFi. Ergo an Ethernet shield is not what you want for Arduino, you want a WiFi shield.

If I understand you correctly, I submit the simplest solution is to ditch the WR702N and get a device that looks almost the same but has two RJ ports. It is a lot cheaper than any Arduino WiFi stuff, and lets you use the Ethernet shield you already have.

If you already have a wireless router, you can use the WR702N as a WiFi relay to that. This is called client mode, and adequate instructions come come in the box.

Thanks for the reply.
Yes, I already have a router. But I have problem in connecting it to TL-WR702N router which is connected via RJ cable to Ethernet shield+Arduino Mega…


In that event the WR702N is not working as a router.

It is working in client mode whereby it works back-to-front compared with the router mode, has cable to Arduino, and WiFi to your router. The instructions look clear, you just need to be sure of the mode.

I can't comment further as mine is a bit different

hamzalgs, Do you have your Arduino project working with a wired connection?

The simplest setup for testing your TP-Link is to leave the wr702n in the factory default mode of AP (Access Point). If you have already tinkered with the setting, then reset back to factory default.

  1. The default mode of AP has dhcp turned off.
  2. Give your Arduino an ip of in your sketch.
  3. Plug your Arduino into the wr702n with an ethernet cable.
  4. Give your laptop wireless adapter a static ip of
  5. Connect your laptop wirelessly to the wr702n using the default ssid and password printed on the bottom of the wr702n.
  6. You should be able to ping and access your Arduino across this wireless connection.

Thanks a lot ... You helped a lot....

Now, I want to send sms to my cell phone using gsm module sim 900 and the web server. I have a working program to send serially commands to the gsm module for sending the sms. I just want to do the same via web server...... can you help...?

Can you send email with your device? If so, you can send sms messages. It is only an email to your phone number.

No, I dont know how to send an e-mail via the server. I want to know how can I send some data using arduino Tx via the web server.