Arduino Mega+ethernetshield+Dlink Ip camera 930L

Hello everyone,

I’m Dennis from the Netherlands and I have some questions for my project.

As you can see in the picture I have create a Home automation system.
This works perfect but now I want to install my D-link 930L IP camera in the webserver.
In the picture you see a square that i called “vijver”, I will have my screen from my IP camera in to this square.

Is this possible?

//Create webcam feed
client.print("<h2 align=\"center\"><img name="""" width=""340"" height=""260"" alt=""Vijver"" style=""background-color: #009999"" />");

The code above is my currently code that makes the square but I didn’t see my ipcam…

(sorry for my bad englisch)

I don't think this has anything to do with the Mega code.

How do you mean?

Surely the video data doesn't pass through the Mega?

I don't see video on the webserver,,

DeDraak: I don't see video on the webserver,,

How can you expect to? I would expect to see the video on the client (browser).

Still this has NOTHING to do with the Arduino.