Arduino mega female pin

Hi, I was wondering is anyone know if there is a place where a can buy a chip Arduino mega with female pin going down.



I have not seen such setup for sale. You will have to remove the original headers and solder them back. What is the purpose of this?

To solder the arduino on a PCB. I eventually want to sale my project, so removing and soldering back every pins is kind of a mess...

You should design a pcb to incorporte the atmega2560 on board. At the least find some breakout board with the atmega2560 on it, not the whole arduino board.

An alternative is to plug arduino mega upside down.

Like this one I designed.
Need to get one of these assembled!

I bought a hot air nozzle just for that! 14mm * 14mm for all 4 sides IIRC. You can probably get a cheap stencil from osh stencils and reflow your board instead of hot air. I've thought about designing boards with MEGA2560 but the chip is just expensive. 1284P is more reasonably priced.

I have a stencil, reflow oven, even hot air station appropriately sized nozzle. What I don't have is a steady enough hand to place the part without smearing solder paste all over.
Or a crystal yet. Need to remember to order some next time I buy parts.

I also prefer the 1284, 2560 is overkill for any project I've taken on. I have designed them into boards for others (that I didn't have to assemble).

Place parts with your good hand and support its wrist with the bad hand, elbow or entire arm on the table top. That does the trick for me. I'm soldering with solder flux and drag soldering so the initial placement of a chip resistor is not important. Have to hold it down just right when I solder it. IC isn't too hard either since I'm not smearing any solder paste, just pins and flux paste. Tack a few pins carefully before I drag solder. I'm hoping to get a reflow oven to save some time.

Thanks guys ! I will take a look at your schematic, but I don't think I will build one.