Arduino MEGA & FT800 eve don't load any image form SD

Hello everyone,
it’s a week that I try to make this display work but without great successes. I’m using the GD2 / GD3 library, some examples work (for example, helloworld, widgets) but all those that need the images present in the microSD do not work.
I downloaded the images taken from present together with the Gameduino2 library.

If I run the example SD “listfiles” the files are listed without problems, so I guess it is not the fault of the SD module, the last microSD (I have changed several) is 3GB 10 of the kingstone.
The cables are up to 8cm long.

This is my configuration and I also checked in the library, but I think the parameters are correct.

Does anyone have any suggestions to give me?

Thanks in advance