Arduino Mega gets hot when I plug power source through barrel connector

Hi guys,

I have noticed whenever I use an external power adapter to power the arduino it gets hot. It is a 12V 1A adapter. I put my finger on the AMS 1117 (component next to the barrel connector) and I feel it gets very hot.
I’m using an Arduino Mega2560.

Is this normal? if not, how can I fix this problem?

Thanks in advance

Note: Attached is a picture for the adapter specs.

How much current are you drawing through there? You're dropping 12V to 5V at some current i, so need to dissipate (12-5)i watts = 7i as heat in that linear regulator.

Is there anything connected to the Arduino board? If so, disconnect it - maybe it is drawing excessive current (either because you have an unrealistic expectation of how much current that setup can provide, or maybe it's just damaged.

If it gets hot with nothing connected, either the regulator itself (the part that's getting hot) has failed, or some other device on the board has failed.

Yes. I currently have 2 PIR sensors, RTC, 16x2 LCD, MQ-2 Gas sensor and the main reason I am using the adapter not the USB is because I have a MG995 Servo motor.

When I power through the USB it doesnt get hot. However through the barrel connector get very hot.