Arduino mega .hex file programming


Have been helping a friend produce a program to control a bank of reptile vivariums and he wants to distribute the code ( free or for a small fee) and possibly some matching pcb /hardware.
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He would prefer to supply just the .hex code for the project but cannot find any simple way for the user to program the code as the Arduino IDE does not allow him to import and program a .hex file.

From what I have read there is a way avrdude can be used, but not that easy for someone not in to that kind of thing.
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Though a usb programmer is a cheap and easy way for folk like us, again it could be a level of complexity too far for others.

Any suggestions of a simple way to program a .hex file into the Mega ?
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Xloader. Or make a interface yourself with Python (or any other language).

But I would prefer open source. Ask a small fee for the board but the code for free. Maybe someone will make an awesome addition to the code.

If 'your friend' wants to distribute code to the masses, then I suggest they use the source code, which can easily be uploaded. It's what the word "source" in Open Source means.

EDIT: dang septillion, great minds, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

You will find a link to using xloader if you put the title of your post;

'Arduino mega .hex file programming'

Into Google.

But bear in mind the principle of open source, if your going to use open source tools and libraires, is it fair play to charge people for code produced in this way ?