Arduino Mega identifies as UNO on GetBoardInfo


I have 4 Arduino Mega2560 R3s. 3 from SunFounder, one from Elegoo.

When I connect them to the ArduinoIDE and Tool>GetBoardInfo, Elegoo and two of the SunFounders say

Arduino Mega or Mega 2560.

One of the boards, however, identifies as:

Arduino Uno,

Just like a real Uno, which I also have.

Is this a problem, which can be fixed and/or, is it a problem in the first place?

After discovering this, I flashed a new bootloader (OptiBoot) onto the fake Uno, but it continues to identify as an Uno...


it continues to identify as an Uno...

When you burn the bootloader, you are flashing the Mega's ATmega2560 primary microcontroller. However, the ATmega2560 is not the chip that identifies the board to the computer. That is done by the ATmega16U2 USB to serial adapter chip on the board. For this reason, there is nothing you do to the ATmega2560 to change this.

The problem is that the manufacturer programmed the ATmega16U2 to provide the VID/PID of the Uno, not the Mega. You could reprogram the ATmega16U2 to change this, but as @spycatcher2k said, it's doesn't cause any problem, so it's not worth the effort.