Arduino Mega is heating

Hello! Just now I see that my Arduino Mega 2560 is heating. When it turned on, chip became hot for a few seconds (15-20). But it works correcly and scketches loading well. I don't connect any devices and load blank sketch. The current is 85mA (5v power). I think it's something trouble, becouse normal current is about 20mA. This Arduino isn't new It's about 3-4 years What could go wrong? My Arduino is going to broke? :(

What is getting warm?

Which chip?

How are you powering it?

What IO have you connected recently? If the 2560 has driven an LED with no current limit resistor for example, that could blow an output pin. Then the chip will typically run until it fails. Same could happen if you short a high output pin to Gnd, or touch 12V to an IO pin.

DrAzzy, ATmega2560, the microcontroller is heating. CrossRoads, is there any way to fix? Maybe, find broken IO ports, disable them... I don't really good in it...

The ATmega2560 with nothing connected shouldn't get warm. Like CrossRoads said it's possible you damaged the ATmega and then there is nothing you can do but hope the Arduino keeps working. There is no such thing as disabling pins etc

Thanks for your response. I hope too.