Arduino Mega + ITDB02-3.2WC + Arduino Duemilanove

Hello everybody,

I have many questions about the system and all these possibilities arduino.

I wish I could make a display on the LCD screen on which I can create/draw button that I could push to turn on or cut out the card based on the values that I entered on the card.

ITDB02-3.2WC 400x280

The screen should therefore be able to view and simultaneously take into account the touch panel (for the buttons).
I wanted to take the card and take Arduino MEGA shield v1.3 (which is normally designed for the Arduino Duemilanove) so I have left input - output.

However I read that the shield v1.3 does not just allow the screen display function and taking into account the touch screen at the same time. To do this, it requires taking the shield v1.1.

Shield v1.1 (MEGA)
Shield v1.3 (Duemilanove)

Is that correct?

Then if I use the shield v1.1 for the screen, I'll have no more inputs and outputs. Will I be able to connect a Duemilanove with MEGA?

Mega therefore serve me for the LCD display and Duemilanove for inputs and outputs.

Thank you for your answers :slight_smile:

Nobody knows ? :-/