Arduino Mega LCD Shield - How to use free pins?


I just bought this Arduino Mega with LCD shield from eBay.

I'm not sure how I could use the free pins that the shield doesn't use:

The pins on the side, I used long headers found in stackable shields and bent them 90 degrees.

As the TFT is attached to the shield ( mine is separate and plugs into shield ), you might have to solder some wires onto the header tops of the shield. A 40 pin 90 degree male header is useful for this.

You could use a breakout shield like this one.

I just ordered another batch of connectors last night, will have more kits ready to send out when parts arrive in a week or so.

Thanks for answers, I was actually thinking using of those header things before I posted this topic.
Good to see someone else has used the same way, even though it doesn't feel the right way to do it.


Right angle header also available

Might have to slide the plastic out a touch on the pins so they don't interfere with the female header.

Thanks for all help!

I bought few types of headers and will probably make a "stand" for the lcd from them.
I also bought those cool right-angle headers, just if I ever need any. :smiley:

I use an 20 cm 40 pin cable I bought on the internet... Not Ebay. It's female to female and on one end I use a male to male gender bender. I took the Elecfreaks shield and removed the pins that I could and replaced them with the stackable headers... It works well But better I think when my shield from Crossroads arrives.


Will ship in a few days - waiting for next batch of connectors to arrive. Lot of Mega/Due screw shield interest the last few days - 8 of next 14 lot already sold!
Thinking about ordering another batch of connectors before the current batch even arrives to get ahead.

yeah,i think so, It works well But better I think when my shield from Crossroads arrives.thank you