Arduino Mega Multiple Servo Powering


I am trying to run 6 high torque servos from an Ardunio Mega. I do not think the Mega can handle the power required from the servos and want to power the servos separately. I do not think you can have the servos powered directly from a battery, and i do not think a BEC works for this situation (Battery Eliminator Circuit, from my experience with RC airplanes) Would I need a current or voltage regulator of some kind? Any input would be appreciated!

6 servos 4 -HS-5646MG which pulls 500mA at 6.0V operating with no load 2- HS-322 which pulls 180mA at 6.0V operating with no load


You are correct that the Mega power source will not be sufficient to drive those servos but wrong about the battery or BEC. Either can be used as long as you connect the negative side of the power source to the Arduino Gnd.

Connect the BEC or 6v battery Positive line to each of the Servos positive lines (the center connectors) Connect the BEC or battery negative line to each of the servos negative lines and to an Arduino Gnd pin. Connect Arduino digital pins to the Servo signal lines.

Great! Thank you very much for the help!