Arduino Mega + Pduino analog input issues

Hi there,

I'm attempting to utilize all 16 analog inputs of my Arduino Mega to receive pressure sensor data into the Arduino Mega PD patch- and I'm getting mixed results.

I have Arduino 0018, fimata 2.1beta7, but I still am not getting clean data. Nothing from inputs 8-16 whatsoever. I was successful at some point getting accurate data on pins 0-7, but now I'm just getting noise, or I'm getting only a reading of 1 while the sensor is activated, and just noise when it is not.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. : )

Thanks so much.

Nothing from inputs 8-16 whatsoever.

As I understand it fimata does not yet support all the analogue inputs on the Mega.

but now I'm just getting noise

Could be the way it is wired up, what impedance is on the input? You could try a capacitor across the input to cut down on the noise.