Arduino Mega PWM 44-46 Disabled


If I was to purchase an Arduino Due would I be able to utilize PWM pins 44-46 while using the L293D Shield?

I am currently working on a project that consists of a Arduino Mega with a L293D Shield attached.
The L293D Shield is currently controlling a small Servo and Stepper Motor. In addition to the L293D Shield I would like to utilize the PWM pins on 44-46. However, when I ".attach" the servo using the Servo.h library I believe pins 44-46 become disabled. From my research online when I attach the servo, timer 5 will be used on the Mega which will disable pins 44-46 allowing the first 12 PWM pins to be functional (which are occupied by the shield).

Do I have any other options? Does this make sense?
Allows Arduino boards to control a variety of servo motors.
This library can control a great number of servos. It makes careful use of timers: the library can control 12 servos using only 1 timer. On the Arduino Due you can control up to 60 servos.

Thank you

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