Arduino Mega PWM control a 10A fuelpump

I´m new with Arduino and I´m gonna use it to control a diy gasturbine engine. And for that i will need to amplify 3 PWM signals from my MEGA into 12v to drive the fuelpumps. I have 12v onboard, don´t have to transform the voltage…
Can someone please help find an simple amplifying circuit to build? I would like the circuit to be able to handle about 10 amps.
Olov S - Sweden

A logic level MOSFET switching transistor rated for greater then current required would be the simplest method. Mosfet gate would wire to the Arduino PWM output pin, the source lead wired to ground, drain lead wired to one side of the pump motor, the other side of the pump would wire to your +12vdc. The ground side of the +12vdc power supply would have to wire to a Arduino ground pin.


About that logic level and not, how do i know if it is a logic level MOSFET? And what does it mean?
Can you recomend any MOSFET for my project?

Sorry but i´m new to all this!
Thanks again!

Logic level means the N-channel MOSFET is designed to be fully turned on with a gate voltage of +5vdc, where normal N-channel MOSFETs require +10vdc to saturate fully on 100%. As the Arduino digital output is at +5vdc, logic level MOSFET allow for direct connection. As far as what device to recommend, there are many models from many brands. Anything rated at 50vdc or higher and 25 amps or higher would work for you. I use a Intelligent Power and Sensing Technologies | onsemi as I found a bargain on E-bay for a batch of 10 for $5 + shipping.


Are the MOSFET the same as yours if it has the same number?
I found this where í use to buy my parts:
FQP50N06 TO-220 N-ch 60V 50A
Or is the missing L - the differens between logic level or not?

When you say you have 12v onboard..... what do you mean? You wouldn't be pulling 3 * 10A from the Vin pin would you? Also depending on how hard you want to make your project - I'd consider motor drivers instead of building your own circuit.

Or is the missing L - the differens between logic level or not?

Yes, the missing L usually means it's a standard (+10v to turn full on) MOSFET and many manufactures add the L (but not always as the last character) to the part number to signify that it is a logic level MOSFET, and delete to L to signify a standard device. You want the L version if you wish a direct connection to an Arduino output pin.


Is it possible to use a p-ch mosfet instead?

The only logic level device i can find is a p-ch...

with onboard i mean: onboard my jetdriven kicksled, not onboard the arduino :slight_smile: