Arduino Mega question...

How many of you think you actually require the 1280 cos of its memory size? I have this feeling that 328 can hold 99% of arduino projects around here…I just told someone that he would have to really code something HUGE to require that much. He wanted to do a line following and self stabilizing robot and i suggested he try a 328 first.

I haven’t used a Mega, but I guess that people want it because it has more ports (analog and digital) and more UART ports. I guess that some projects would require more ports than ATmega328p can provide.

But personally, I like 328 since it is easy to solder and has plenty of space for my code.

The base 328 chip is very useful and because it’s avalible as a DIP package makes standalone projects using the chip very simple and affordable. It’s more then enough to get a good start learning and applying it to DIY projects.

The Mega design does have many additional advantages. I liked the four hardware serial ports especially. Lots and lots of I/O pins can make some projects much simpler then having to use external shift register chips to increase I/O pins.

So I own both kinds, and each has it’s advantages and disadvantages. But I would always recommend the new comers start with a standard 328 board.


Yeah, and another good reason for newcomers (or experienced users!) to use the 328 is that it is easily replaceable in the duemilanove, so if you fry it, no problem, just pay another 3 bucks, or whatever it costs.

so if you fry it, no problem, just pay another 3 bucks, or whatever it costs.

I agree :slight_smile:
mega is SMD so not as simple to replace

I have 2 duemilanove boards and one mega board.

  • 3 single chips. i bought them to make stand alone projects but hav not yet used them :smiley:
    since I run short on pins on my duemilanove i bought a mega.
    two days later a friend of mine sold me his complete arduino starter kid for 20 euro’s since he could not understand the coding part.

But i think anny starter has to start with a duemilanove unless they have a need for more I/O’s or code space

New to Arduino and building stuff on this level. I just bought the mega for initial prototyping. Was all set to get a nanoV3 because I needed 8 analog inputs instead of 6 and I like the form factor.

Unfortunately I could not find the v3 in stock. So I got the seed studio version of the mega. I doubt I am going to regret getting it :wink:

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